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Some of the most renowned Tech Companies depend on us for their human resources requirements.


Technologies change at the speed of light. In order to stay competitive in business today, your IT team needs to have the skills to deliver the most-to-date solutions for your needs. Our IT solutions group can find the candidates that keep pace with today’s technologies. with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.

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We are providing the full spectrum of human resources for corporations with human resource requirements.


We specialize in robust IT Solutions

Epsilon Solutions focus is to reduce the hiring time and cost of per hire for our customers. We aim to bring in the best practices in talent search and skill profiling and offer quality services to our customers while we partner with them. We make efforts to understand the skill gaps and provide consultancy to our clients to bridge them. We at Epsilon understand “it’s the people who make organizations” and hence we make the best efforts in getting the right talent.

Why choose Us?

Why Epsilon Solutions.Because we are Reliable.

We are process driven right from Job specs to response time, search process, email campaign, Call, Phone Screen, Technical assessment, F2F interaction, Salary negotiation to Final offer letter till date of joining, induction, We go beyond this and maintain the relation with candidate. .

Why choose Us?

Our Vision.To Redefine RPO.

Our vision is to be among the Global Technology Enablers and Service Providers by providing the full spectrum of our service model and be an integral part of the customer's success.
Multiple skills and competencies combine to realize technology-driven business transformation. As organizations constantly strive to iterate their business and IT strategies, Epsilon Solutions to define, optimize and align clients' business strategy with technology initiatives. .

Why choose Us?

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

Epsilon Solutions is dedicated to finding effective IT solutions for your company. For our clients, we act as an extension to their company. This enables us to locate candidates that meet the hiring criteria of our clients. As a leader in our industry, we excel in customer service, candidate matching and attention to detail with passion and dedication.

"Success begins and ends with satisfied customers"