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Epsilon Solutions Ltd. SA de CV. is a global company established in 2012 that offers LATAM Workforce, Contract & Payroll Solutions for global companies in The Americas and Europe.

Control demand peaks – Find high performance teams – Keep your costs under control – Reduce learning and assembly times.
Resolve the lack of talent in the market – reduce learning and assembly times – Optimize project and infrastructure costs – Gain scalability for your projects.

Find the right professionals in a timely manner, working where you need them – Count on the staff you need in the place you want, the time you need it and with 100% compliance with local regulations.

Find the talent needed for your organization, even the most difficult profiles of the market – Find the staff with the skills you need, and aligned with your culture 

Work all over the world, complying with local rules and regulations – Stay away from the risks caused non-compliance – Your workers must be aligned to all regulations; tax, legal, immigration, health and safety.
Design and update a new recruitment strategy – implement an RPO strategy – Develop a large project abroad, without impact on its operations.

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We are a global company established in 2002 that offers IT Recruitment and Contract Solutions for global companies in The Americas and Europe.